Come Explore the Forest!

Come Explore the Forest!

The fascinating world of trees comes alive for children at the McAllen International Museum in a new exhibition entitled "Lives of the Tree." This unique, hands-on exhibit focuses on the interaction between soil, plants, and animals as well as the importance of tree products in our daily lives. Visitors explore a number of exhibit stations that show how, from seedlings to samplings to towering giants, trees play an important role in forest communities and in the lives of all of us.

Lives of the Tree, developed and designed by the Austin Children's Museum in Austin, Texas, engages visitors in activities which give them a better understanding and appreciation for the varied forest life forms that depend on each other for survival.

Through a combination of hands-on activities such as soil sorting, tree ring counting, and leaf identification, the exhibit encourages visitors of all ages to explore the forest. By doing so, they will learn more about the types of trees and animals that live in these wooded neighborhoods. 
Visitors will also explore the various ways of managing forest ecosystems to ensure the continued availability of tree products. Visitors can:

  • dive Underground and discover how soil and roots work together

  • stroll through the Under story and learn how a tree grows

  • climb into the Canopy and identify different trees by their leaves

  • enter the Overlook and explore how people can be good stewards of the forest

  • walk into the International Woods Tree House and see how trees make our daily lives easier

  • stop by the Wood Shop to discover how people manipulate wood to create objects

"This is a marvelous exhibit that allows all of us to explore one of the most important ecosystems in the world," said John Mueller, the Museum's Executive Director. "It is great fun to explore the world of trees, and the hands-on discovery areas teach how important forests are to all creatures, great and small. It a wonderfully designed exhibit that is tailored to the learning abilities of every member of the family."

Lives of the Tree will be on display through March 11, 2001


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