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Welcome to our store! 

We offer a full range of books on art, photography, culture and more. You'll also find a broad selection of gift items for home or office, personal accessories, and great treats for children and babies.  Please visit us inside the Museum.

Below is a sampling of our products


Bug Jug ™

Living insect habitat. Simply the best insect keeper on the market! Allows safe viewing, with plenty of space for leaves, twigs and insects. Large observation dome and base are specially ventilated. Detachable feeding tower becomes an insect collector. Complete with magnifying glass, water feeder, water pond, resting perch, caps and illustrated Bug Watcher’s Handbook. Break-resistant and escape-proof (made of durable K-resin and polyethylene). 7’ diam. x 8’ high. Ages 6 and up.


Light-Up Critter City ™

Deluxe environment for insects. Critter-sized sky-scraper, mountain, lake, and bug-burbs (with a working street lamp!), all under three acrylic domes.   The citizens commute between environments via tunnels and bridges. Includes three built-in magnifiers and two hand-held magnifiers with their own holders. Complete with removable Critter Cafe feeder, collection net, scoop and special safety tweezers, plus illustrated sliding l.D. fact chart and easy-to-read directions. Live insects available by mail (USA only).   Break-resistant and escape-proof. 14’x 6”x 7’ high. Uses two AA batteries (not included). Ages 6 and up.


Star Theater ™ Home Planetarium

The best home planetarium on the market! A spectacular sound and light show! Halogen star projector transforms a darkened room into a dazzling space theater. Projects hundreds of stars, planets and constellations (and their names) on walls and ceiling, as they rise above a realistic 3600 city skyline. Accurate to the season, month, date, and hour past, present and future (other brands show by season only). Uses a one-piece fully integrated acrylic projection sphere (no separate overlays to lose or break, as in other brands). Includes an entertaining 50-minute guided audio tour, conducted by one of America’s leading astronomers, plus an informative, illustrated activity guide with tables and planet positions.   Built-in liquid-filled, luminescent directional compass provides quick starfield orientation. Stars on detachable clear sphere glow in the dark for use as an outdoor 3-D star finder! Base holds projection globe at correct rotation angle and stores audio cassette and activity guide.   Halogen bulb included. Uses two AA batteries (not included). Ages 8 and up. 7” x 7” x 6 high.


Gripper Clipper Clipboard

Secure, in style . . . paper and pads for business and 
school. Accommodates 8 ½ x 11”.

Jottin’ Journals

From the large to the small. Tough circuit board covers, silver wire binding, packed with 50 pages of lined paper.


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