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Comes TO the McAllen International Museum March 2nd
The McAllen International Museum is very pleased to present this exhibition of an extraordinary group of artists from the faculty of the University of Texas  Pan American entitled “Artist / Mentor: Recent Works by the University of Texas  Art Department Faculty.”  The Museum has had a long and vital relationship  with the art faculty at UTPA, and many of the faculty and their students have exhibited at the Museum.  These artists are remarkable for their dual role as teachers and as artists.  They clearly understand a fundamental truth about the role of the artist today, that the private development of talent is no longer sufficient.  There must be a public realization of the artist as citizen.  In this case, that means taking on the invaluable role as teachers and mentors to a new generation of artists.  This show demonstrates with remarkable brilliance the wide variety and deep excellence of their art work.  It is a show that everyone will appreciate for its beauty and for the lasting impression it has made on the new artists of the 21st century.

Artists in this exhibit include Nancy Moyer, Philip Field, Richard Hyslin, Frank Manuella, Edward Nichols, Dana Groemminger, Mike Miller, Jeffrey Whittle and Edwin Cuenco.  Art works range from sterling silver jewelry and oil paintings to sculptures in wood and ceramic.  This remarkable exhibition will remain at the McAllen International Museum through May 28, 2000. 


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