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Traditional Ceramics of Guanajuato
Gorky González

May 22 - July 21, 1996

Pottery is among Mexico's particularly noteworthy traditions. From pre-Columbian times, Indian pottery has held a special artistic quality, as can be appreciated in the numerous pieces that still survive. Indian heritage is clearly reflected in Mexico's modern pottery in the color of the pieces and its aesthetic decorations. On the other hand, Spanish influence is evident, for example, in the technique of some types and shapes, as in the Majolica style and the exquisite variety of glazed ware, which originated in the Far East. In Spain, this tradition was introduced by the Arab and Italian cultures, and their influence is still preserved in the Iberian Peninsula.

Guanajuatos traditional ceramics originated in the items of pottery covered by a thick, white and glossy enamel, brought to America by the Spaniards. At present, it is only produced in Puebla and Guanajuato. The workshop of Gorky González, in Guanajuato, is the primary center still working in the traditional Majolica style. It is for this reason the workshop and its work are so valuable.

The unlimited variety of Gorky González's work and the conception of his craft offer us some primary possibilities related to the penetration and perception of his mysteries. If we were to choose between a contemplative posture when facing human beings and events, or and active disposition identified with the world's tangible body and its sensuous presence, then his art would appear as a suitable bridge or privileged mediation of our antagonistic inclinations. Reconciled with itself, it is a continuous illustration of a tradition daily renewed


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