An exhibition of the actual zany puppet characters from the television series Down at the Zoo is now at the McAllen International Museum. The puppets are from the non-violent, educational half-hour television series that is created right here in the Rio Grande Valley. It is shown on Sundays on Channel 4 at 7:00 a.m. and again at 7:30 a.m. Known also as Isla de Jordan, the Spanish series is syndicated by many stations in Mexico. 

Along with this puppet exhibition is a collection of Puppets Down at the Zoo revolves around several characters who live and play at the Animal Trackers Zoo. By focusing on specific real life

themes, the series strives to develop the Emotional IQ of our children. They learn to solve problems through the experiences of the characters. All of the puppet characters from the show are at the Museum, and Madame Alexandra, a monarch butterfly whose command of proper etiquette serves as a positive example to the other animals at the zoo.

Along with this marvelous collection of puppets, you can also see puppets hailing from a variety of regions of the world. This interdisciplinary exhibit features different types of puppets and theaters, and it touches on geography, art and culture, as well as communication, technology and physics.

Participants manipulate Indonesian shadow puppets, freeze their own shadow on a wall, utilize hand puppets with a fairy tale theme, and experiment with marionettes from Europe and Africa. They also have the opportunity to make their own puppets.

The Down at the Zoo puppets will be at the McAllen International Museum through September 19. Puppets Around the World will be on display through October 3rd. This is an exhibition that you and your children will not want to miss.

For further information, contact Mary Cloud at 682-1564, ext. 109
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