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Signs of Civilization:

From Stonehenge to Summer Cottages

Works for this exhibition were selected by Vernon the museum curator, Vernon Weckbacher and UTPA-Pan American curator Valerie Innella from the university's extensive collection of artwork. 

The bulk of the collection was given to the university by Charles an Dorothy Clark.  While the Clarks collected a wide variety of artwork, and they eventually gravitated toward geometric abstraction, the works selected are all images of the actions and products of humanity. 

The exhibition is about more than just monuments and architecture, because although Stonehenge and summer cottages are represented, other topics from religion to war to the arts are included.  

Most of the works are etchings or lithographs, reflecting the Clark's predilection toward printmaking media.  Some well-known artists are represented, such as Man Ray and Andro Hiroshige, as well as local artists Philip Field and Dan Mitra. 

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