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King of the Dinosaurs

Children of all ages will be delighted to know that McAllen International Museum will showcase the greatest prehistoric predator of them all when it opens its new exhibition.


Created by Dinamation International, the exhibition features a full-sized robotic tyrannosaurus rex and a gallery full of hands on activities. Visitors will be able to interact with a number of exhibits to find out just about all there is to know about T-Rex.
Much new information about the King of the Dinosaurs has been discovered recently.  The exhibition explores the increasingly popular new theory that dinosaurs are the forebears of present day birds.  Visitors can compare the skeleton of a modern emu to that of a dinosaur and not the striking similarities.   There is also a simulated lung process that is common to both dinosaurs and birds.

Visitors can inspect the life-sized head of a T-Rex at close quarters, feel the sharp teeth, put their heads in its jaws and stand beside a life-sized cast of massive T-Rex.

Looming over and dominating the exhibition will be the roaring, tail-thrashing, jaw-snapping full-sized T-Rex.  This life-sized model of the famous T-Rex dinosaurs is 40 feet long and is the centerpiece of this dramatic exhibit.

This Dinamation recreation of the famous King of Dinosaurs is based on evidence from the fossil record and from living creatures with similar physical and behavioral characteristics, using methods that are standards in the field of paleontology ( the study of fossils and ancient life forms).  The result is a towering, computer driven model that is as close as science has come to taking us back millions years to a time when these gigantic creatures ruled the earth.

This promises to be one of the most entertaining and educational shows ever brought to McAllen.  No one will want to miss this chance to come face-to-face with the first Tyrannosaurus to travel to the Valley in the last 100 million years.


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