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Cleaning Dirty Water!

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Have you ever wondered how water gets cleaned?

How does the City take water from the river and clean it? 

To find out, try this activity:

  1. Take two large plastic cups.

  2. In one, punch a small hole in the center.

  3. Take a small aluminum pie pan and make a small hole in its center.   Align the holes, placing the cup on the top of the pie pan.

  4. Place the second cup on the bottom of the two, so that the hole will drain into the cup.

  5. In the top of the cup, fill 1 inch with large gravel. 

  6. Then pour in one inch of small gravel.

  7. Next, pour 3/4 of an inch of sand, pour 1/3 inch of charcoal dust (ACTIVATED CHARCOAL -ASK FOR ADULT HELP).

  8. Then place a thin layer of cotton over the charcoal.

  9. This is your filter.

  10. In another cup, mix dirt with water.

  11. Pour dirty water into the filter.

What comes out of the bottom?
Is the water clean or dirty?
Why did it happen? 
Where is the dirt?  
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