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To create your own special habitat, build this simple design.

Like you and me, animals need food, shelter, space and water to survive. These special places are called habitats.

Go outside and see if you can find an animal and where it lives.

Where does a beetle live?
How about a minnow?
What does a salamander need?
Would a coyote have everything it needs in your backyard?

Build your own:

  1. Take a clear container (Fish Bowl, etc.)

  2. Turn so opening is on its side.

  3. Fill bottom with soil. 

  4. Go outside (or to your nearest nursery) and collect small plants that grow in your neighborhood.

  5. Plant them inside the contiainer.

  6. Place some small and medium sized rocks inside and make an indention in the soil for water to collect.  

  7. Visit the outdoors and find some small insects to place in your contianer.

  8. After placing the insects in the container, cover the opening with old pantyhose or a mesh net. 

  9. Place the rubber band around the mouth of the jar to hold the cover in place.

Make sure your habitat has enough water (Soil is damp) 

Do your insects have everything they need?
Enough space?
Enough food?
Enough water?


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