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Museum On Wheels: “Our Watershed”

“Our Watershed” is a unique mobile exhibit that:

  • Develops language skills in English and Spanish.
  • Develops teamwork as students work with giant puzzle blocks and discover important facts about our region.
  • Develops geographic skills as students locate sites along the Rio Grande River with a giant grid map and learn about these areas.
  • Develops an appreciate of ecology as students use a giant photo mural to find native flora and fauna that depend on the river.

Exhibit Components:

  • Space 1,000 – 2,000 square feet. To be set-up in the school’s gym or cafeteria.

  • Photo Mural Large photo mural of the Rio Grande with of flora and fauna which depend on its water. Students find and identify the different species located on the mural.

  • Puzzle Blocks Large square foam blocks which form six different puzzles: four international bridges, Mexican tile mural, wildlife area, watershed map, historical map and drawing of different habitats. Students can work in teams to figure out the puzzles.

  • Watershed Map Students learn to use a grid map of the Watershed to locate important sites along the Rio Grande. Photographic postcards containing coordinates, a legend, and icons help students of all ages learn the geography of the river

  • Watershed Through the use of water pumps, students manipulate a model of the watershed to demonstrate water sources and the effects of water distribution among communities and cities. Using removable dams, students learn about their importance and how they affect the river.

  • Water Cycle Students manipulate pumps to simulate rainfall and water flow from the mountains to the gulf. They explore the water cycle and generate energy to power the sun.
  • Other Components Find out how many pounds of water are in your body. Learn about the special habitats in this region. Walk on a giant map of the Laguna Madre.

For more information on how to have these fun exhibits visit your school or to have a 15 mm. presentation about the exhibits at your school call 956-682-1564 at ext. 108 and speak with Raquel or Lisa in the Outreach Department.


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