Texas Waterways

Charles Kruvand
Mariscal Canyon, Charles Kruvand, 1992

McAllen International Museum

May 8th - August 27th 1999

An exhibition of brilliant color photographs by photographer Charles Kruvand opens May 8th at the McAllen International Museum.  Entitled "Texas Waterways," it is a collection of exceptional color photographs of streams, springs, rivers and lakes from across Texas.  The exhibition is organized aesthetically and all phtographs are presented in hand-crafted oak frames.  Stories of prominent waterways are included.

Kruvand was trained as a commercial advertising photographer at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.  After graduation, he returned to Dallas with plans to open a photgraphy studio.  However, taking ofer his father's business after his sudden death changed Kruvand's priorities and plans.  He started photgraphing the landscape, always his first love, and now pursues the landscape full time  from his home in Austin, Texas.

The "Texas Waterways Project" began in 1985 during Kruvand's first trip to Big Bend National Park.  There along the trail he took his first image for tthis project: "Rio Grande, Santa Elena Canyon."  Since then, he has searched out water on all of his photographic trips and eventually realized the importance of water to every Texan and all creatures and plants that live with us on earth. As Kruvand has said, "When we look at water, we are looking at the birthplace of all life."



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