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Museum On Wheels: 
“Who Cares About the Weather?”

Exhibit Components:

  • Space 1,000 – 1,200 square feet. To be set-up in the school’s gym or cafeteria.
  • MIM TV Students role-play different jobs in our mini TV studio: camera operator, studio technician, anchors and more.
  • Hair Raiser Students experience static electricity via a Van der Graff generator and have a “hair-raising” experience.
  • Weather Art In this station, students listen to sounds of the weather and let their imagination run free as they paint what they hear.
  • Meteorologist Office Students learn about the importance of tracking hurricanes by using a computer program and a peg board.
  • Wind Spinners Students learn about the anemometer while making one of their own with simple objects that can be found at home.
  • Other components Water Cycle station, Books and Weather station (includes a variety of different weather books and pull out panels), Computer Weather Program with different types of weather to explore . . . and more!

For more information on how to have these fun exhibits visit your school or to have a 15 mm. presentation about the exhibits at your school call 956-682-1564 at ext. 108 and speak with Raquel or Lisa in the Outreach Department.


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