Weather Water Wonders 
Now at McAllen International Museum

Water Exhibits

New activities include River Lab adventures with microscopes, binoculars and a spectacular mural of habitats along the river & a huge "seek-and-find" floor map activity focusing on the Laguna Madre and the mouth of the Rio Grande.

"Kid Rio City" will involve visitors in the creation of recycled art. Visitors also develop a city and its utilities along the banks of the river.

Who Cares About the Weather?

Activities focus on the water cycle & how weather affects our continuing need for water. Visitors explore weather-related literature and role-play as the weather anchor on "MIM TV." Included is a truly "hair-raising" experience with static electricity.


Come experience the life cycle of the butterfly from caterpillar to the beautiful adult stage right before your eyes. This is nature like you have never seen it before. Come to the McAllen International Museum and see the Weather Water and Other Wonders.

This special exhibit will be at the Museum 
only through February 24th.


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