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Position Description: Executive Director

Scope of Position

The Executive Director advances the mission of the
International Museum of Art and Science by conducting
the affairs of the Museum, interpreting and applying
the policies adopted by its Board of Trustees and
managing the operations and activities of the Museum.
Serving as Chief Executive Officer, he/she directs all
Museum activities and operations; and is responsible
for the Museum's exhibition, collections, education
and support programs.

Responsibilities and Authority

Within the limits of the Articles of Incorporation,
Bylaws, and policies of the Board of Trustees, and the
parameters of accepted professional museum practices,
the Executive Director is responsible for, and has
commensurate authority to accomplish, the execution of
the duties listed below. The Executive Director
derives authority and responsibility from the Board of
Trustees, as a body, and so is accountable for the
conduct of the Museum's affairs. The Executive
Director may delegate to staff, as appropriate,
certain aspects of those responsibilities, along with
corresponding authority. Ultimate responsibility and
accountability for the operation of the Museum may not
be delegated.

The Responsibilities described herein reflect the
principle functions of the position and may not be
construed as a complete description of all the
requirements that may be inherent in the position.

A. Planning

1. Set objectives and goals ensuring the adequacy of
all Museum programs by directing the planning,
development and coordination of all functions of the

2. Oversee the preparation of proposals for review and
approval by the Board of Trustees, including policies,
current and long-range program, facility, and capital
improvement plans.

B. Operations and Programs

1. Provide conceptual leadership in the various
disciplines of the Museum through the functions of
funding, policy making, planning, organizing, staffing
and programs.

2. Prioritize and organize human and financial
resources; develop, coordinate, approve and execute
policies, procedures affecting all areas of the

3. Direct the maintenance, display and general welfare
of the collection in accordance with the highest
professional and ethical standards.

4. Oversee and evaluate all policies, procedures,
controls, and operations relating to the collections,
exhibitions, educational and public programs, and
outreach programs.

5. Routinely evaluate the physical condition of the
buildings and grounds to maintain a high degree of
housekeeping and maintenance standards.

C. Organization

1. Through supervision of Department Heads, plan,
organize, direct, supervise, and coordinate the daily
activity of all Museum departments, and monitor the
work of the staff.

2. Direct, through personal contact and delegation to
other staff members, the utilization of docents and
volunteers at the Museum.

D. Personnel

1. Exercise responsibility and accountability for all
personnel actions involving staff and consultants,
including recruitment, retention, supervision and

2. Provide annual performance agreements and reviews
for all employees.

3. Develop personnel programs, procedure and
practices, in accord with Board of Trustee policies.

4. Provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees
for policies pertaining to personnel.

5. Develop the chart of organization, including
adding, eliminating, or altering job positions with
trustee approval.

6. Set wage and salary structures within budgetary

7. Prepare job descriptions for all personnel and
update them when necessary.

8. Set and maintain high standards of individual
performance and professionalism with all staff.

9. Provide opportunities for on-going training and
professional development programs for all members of
the staff

E. Finance

1. Oversee, within policy and budget limitations,
fiscal management of the Museum.

2. Review and evaluate budget requests prior to
submission to the Finance Committee of the Board of
Trustees, and exercise ultimate responsibility for
adherence to operating and capital budgets.

3. In consultation with the appropriate staff or Board
members, assume the primary responsibility for the
preparation of the annual budget and operating plans
for submission to the Finance committee, Executive
Committee, and the Board of Trustees.

F. Professional Development

1. Maintain and advance professional skills, including
legal aspects of museum operations and legislation
affecting Museums, through reading, collegial
relationships, and attending professional

G. Relationships and Communication

1. Board of Trustees

a. Prepare recommendations for presentation to the
Board of Trustees and carry out the decisions taken by
the Board.

b. In conjunction with the President of the Board of
Trustees, develop agendas for meetings of the Board
and Executive Committee.

c. Evaluate and report financial status and progress
to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis.

d. Provide the Board with an annual review of the
Museum prior to the final Board meeting.

e. Provide orientation and training for Board Members.

2. Staff

a. Conduct regular staff meetings to communicate
policies and procedures and encourage staff to provide
suggestions and feedback.

b. Call upon Department Heads for advice and
assistance as necessary, and render advice and
assistance when necessary.

3. Community

a. Serve as spokesperson and advocate of the Museum;
effectively establishing and maintaining cordial
relations with community, professional, governmental,
civic and private agencies; and enhancing the
organization's public image to expand interest and

b. Participate in media interviews and Museum public
affairs programs.

Please send a resume, letter of application and three references to:

Stephan Wingert
1101 Ash
McAllen, TX 78501

International Museum of Art & Science
(956) 682-1564
[email protected]