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  Thursday March 20. 2003   Photo Gallery The Big Build

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The Interior of the New Discovery Pavilion Takes Shape During Two "Big Build" Weeks

With the construction of the Discovery Pavilion nearly completed, the Museum's Board of Trustees turned its attention to the building of the exhibits. Two "Big Build" weeks were a great success, thanks to volunteers from both sides of the border and to the generosity of many local businesses. This ambitious undertaking was directed by Tom Rockwell, grandson of the famous American painter, Norman Rockwell. He worked with the Museum Board and staff to organize a devoted group of volunteers who did an amazing amount of exacting work in a very short time. We would like you to see some of what went on during our "Big Build" days in January and February. And we invite you to get involved. This will be a state-or-the-art learning discovery center that will delight and instruct. Give us a call at (956) 682-1564 and learn how you can help build something really wonderful.

Preparation of the materials begins.

Volunteers come from Mexico and from all over the Valley.

There was a job for everyone. Here children help sort nails for those adults to use in construction.

Older students contributed in many ways, including art and mural construction.

Original ceramic artwork will be featured in the new Discovery Pavilion as will . . .

fabric designs, all made by hand with great care and attention.

There were many stages of wood preparation as construction continued.

First, workers began to construct pieces of each element in the Pavilion.

Next, the basic frame was put into place.

Then, the final elements of each exhibit were fitted together.

While this was underway, volunteers worked on many other elements of the new Discovery Pavilion, including the creation of unique fabrics.

February 23rd was declared "UTPA Day" by President Navarez of the University of Texas Pan American in Edinburg. Dr. Navarez worked with many other volunteers from the University doing everything from exhibit construction to materials preparation.

Volunteers also came from the board of the McAllen Independent School District, the McAllen City Council and the Museum Board of Trustees.

Thanks to generous donations from local restaurants, lunch was served every day to all the volunteers. Here Tom Rockwell explains construction plans for the afternoon session.

The Discovery Pavilion will have a separate mezzanine for exhibits.

The mezzanine took shape quickly.

Construction of the central exhibit area as seen from the partially completed mezzanine.

Construction on many elements of the Discovery Pavilion went on at once, thanks to careful organization.

Here workers continue to prepare and finish lumber to the exacting standards required by the construction plan.

At the same time, work proceeds on the "Light Fountain" and other exhibits areas in the Pavilion.
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