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  Sunday February 09. 2003   Bubbles Young Americanos Mysteries from the Sea DIRECTOR SEARCH

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Young Americanos Exhibit

Photographs have an ability to tell a story unlike any other medium. Through photographs we not only see images, but we are able to hear and feel the people and the places captured by the photographer. Young Americanos presents photographs by Valley youth from a competition sponsored by Farmers Insurance Group in cooperation with IMAS and local schools. The competition is conducted in association with Americanos: Latino Life in the United States, which preceded this exhibition. Young Americanos is a multi-faceted program that wards academic scholarships annually to winners of the photography contest. Through a specially developed curriculum guide, the program also provides students with unique and engaging classroom activities using photographs, and it gives instructors invaluable training through periodic teacher workshops.

Prizes were awarded to the winning photographers at a special ceremony at the Museum December 14th hosted by Farmers Insurance. The Grand Prize Winner was Courtney L. Bess. Other winners were:
Juan Alaniz
Joslyn Baise
Samantha Barnett
Ashley Bose
Erika Cantu
Luis Cardenas
Alejandro Castillo
Carlos Davila
Cristina Garza
Robert Garza
Tommie Harris
Chanel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez
Crystal Luera
Bianca Martinez
Justin Martinez
Sean McBryde
Devin Oliveira
Amanda Padilla
Ernie Peņa
Victoria Ponce
Ernesto Rangel
Abram Realista
Flor Salinas
Celina Tafolla
Daniella Tellam
Lizbeth Treviņo
Sylvia Vargas
Paloma Vezquez
Jaysonn Vel
Inigo Vigil
Lauren Zuniga
Leslie Zuniga

Further information about the project can be found at www.youngamericanos.net. This beautiful and truly unique exhibit runs though Sunday, 16 March 2003.

[Photos by : Courtney Bess, Crystal Luera, Daniella Tellam, Devin Oliveiva, Gabriel Hernandez, Joslyn Baize, Juan Alanis, Jr., Samantha Barnett and Victoria Ponce. Also a photo from the award ceremony December 14th at IMAS, hosted by Farmers Insurance.]
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