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Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat:
9am to 5pm
12am to 8pm
1pm to 5pm


“Our Watershed” – the Rio Grande
Original and inventive hands-on exhibits convey the importance of the river to our lives.
Interactive Stations:
• Share Water with wildlife, cities, agriculture & industries
• Save Water – conserve at home
• We All Affect the River Puzzle healthy choices or pollution
• River Mural – identify native plants and animals
• Pump Water through Our Watershed or Water Cycle Models
• Rio Grande Vacation – locate special places on giant map
“Water Journey”
Unique hands-on experience that teaches about water systems
• Role-play water users, water treatment & water managers
• Cycle plastic balls (“water drops”) from river to canals, a water tower, homes, water processing and back into the water cycle
• As water users, add “pollutants” and recycle and clean up the water
• Use a rolling river streamtable with real water: the Rolling River Giant Trailer
Learning Stations
Hands-On stations to be set up in classrooms or libraries. $125/day each, $100 additional day each.
• Recycling – Paper Maker
• Hula Bula Stand in a Bubble
• Water Cycle
• Bubble Wall/Tool Making
• Clean Up the Rio Grande (pollution game)
• Indonesian Shadow Puppets
• Static Electricity Generator / Weather Table
• Vacation on the Rio Grande (grid map)
Hands-On Classroom Programs
$150/session (1-2 hrs), additional sessions $75 each
• 3rd grade - Wetlands
• 4th Grade - Pollution
• 5th Grade - Hazardous Wastes
• Exploring with Color
• Printmaking Collage
• Book Making
• Water Bottle Rockets
• Weather Instruments / Creations

“Our Watershed” was selected as the 2002 education division winner of the Texas Environmental Excellence Award given by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC).
This award is the highest level of recognition given by the Agency.
Other Museum-On Wheels Hands-On Programs are also Available
Hands-on Art and Science Exhibitions
(K-8, 250 students daily)
These educational and fun-packed exhibitions can be rented by your school or region and enjoyed by all students:
• Bubble Technology Exhibit
A delightful adventure in the art, science and technology of soap and water bubble making. Create giant bubbles to stand in, measure
others, and discover how to avoid popping a bubble. Observe colors and patterns and test bubble tools.
• Who Cares About the Weather? Exhibit
Everyone cares about the weather. Explore weather-related literature and art. Role play the weather anchor on MIM T.V. Have a hair
raising experience with the static electricity of lighting and with storm sounds. Make weather happen: rain, floods, snow, and rainbows.
• Puppets Around the World Exhibit
Meet puppets from five continents. Through geography, art, culture, communication, and technology students can explore puppetry. Shadow puppets, rod, hand, finger puppets and even marionettes. Make a puppet of your own. Freeze your own shadow on a wall.
International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS)
(formerly McAllen International Museum)
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(956) 682-1564, ext 108
email: • https://mcallenmuseum.org
International Museum of Art & Science
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