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"Pablo Picasso: Imaginary Portraits"

The International Museum of Art & Science is pleased to announce the return by popular demand of a fascinating exhibit of the work of Pablo Picasso: "Imaginary Portraits." The creation of these portraits by the great Picasso was nearly an accident. At the age of eighty-seven, Picasso had serious health problems, but he continued to work. Early in 1969, art supplies were delivered to his studio. Large panels of corrugated cardboard and sheets of heavy wrapping paper were used to protect the shipment. As the packages were opened, the corrugated panels were casually leaned up against the walls of the studio. Seeing so many blank surfaces, Picasso could not resist using them. Over the next several months the artist with fresh energy and force turned the corrugated cardboard and heavy paper into daring and inventive portraits. Under Picassos personal supervision, some of the paintings were transformed by Marcel Salina, one of the foremost lithographers in France, into a suite of limited edition lithographs. One of those sets, a gift of Frank and Marilyn Schultz, is the subject of the current exhibition.

"Pablo Picasso: Imaginary Portraits" will be at the Museum through March 30, 2003.
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