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  Wednesday September 03. 2003   Corridos Sin Fronteras Scottish Cultural Day Picasso Bubbles Mysteries from the Sea

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Mysteries from the Sea examines life in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This exhibition, originally titled México entre Mares (Mexico between Seas) explores the physical, ecological, and economic oceanography of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans of Mexico. Various interactives and graphic panels cover currents, waves, tides, salinity, pressure, light and color in the ocean, and buoyancy. Some of the interactives are located in a glass-bottomed model "submarine." The enormous diversity of life in the sea is examined with units on coral reefs, sea turtles, tide pools, salt marshes, mangrove forests, and other marine life. The stars of the show are a female gray whale and her calf. The human connection is explored as it relates to our use of the ocean for food and mining, and the adverse effects of these activities. There is also a section on the ocean as it relates to the origin of the universe in Native American mythology.

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