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Hands-On Science Exhibits Can Travel to You!
International Museum of Art & Science is happy to come to your campus. We can bring a variety of unique, hands-on exhibits that will delight and instruct your students. Here is a small sample of what we can offer:

Our Watershed Makes Science Fun!

Sharing the Water challenges students to “please touch” and allocate water to four areas: wildlife, cities, agriculture and industries.

What Can We Do to Save Water? a model bathroom contains choices of ways to conserve water.

We All Affect the River is a tabletop puzzle illustrating a healthy river and a polluted river.Each piece focuses on choices that can be made by individuals, agriculture, cities and industry.

Rio Grande Mural includes a bend in the river, plants, animals and a community dependent on the river. Identify species with the help of binoculars.

Our Watershed Model encourages exploration with water pumps which activate water flow at the headwaters and five tributaries.

The Water Cycle Model makes clear with hand pumps how water flows down the mountain tops into larger bodies of water.

A giant Watershed Map and Postcard Table simplifies the geography of the river and encourage the visitor to locate postcards from areas on both sides of the border.

Bubble Technology Is Physics In Action!

Stand in a Bubble  Stand inside a giant bubble and observe why it pops.
Bubble Wall  Make a window-sized bubble and learn to put something through it without bursting the soap film.
Bubble Ocean  Students work together as a team to create a giant flat bubble and observe it move.

“Who Cares About the Weather?” Integrates Science, Art & Reading

MIM TV  Students role-play different jobs in our mini TV studio: camera operator, studio technician, anchors and more.
Hair Raiser  Students experience static electricity via a Van der Graff generator and have a “hair-raising” experience.
Meteorologist Office  Students learn about the importance of tracking hurricanes by using a computer program and a peg board.

Call 682-1564, ext. 108 for scheduling information!
Our Watershed supported in part by Meadows Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency & McAllen Public Utilities.

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