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  Thursday October 03. 2002   Valley Land Fund Americanos Bordados Fronterizos Mysteries from the Sea DIRECTOR SEARCH

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Bordados Fronterizos (Border Ties): Alberto Ibáñez Cerda is an exhibit of acrylic and crayon paintings. Ibáñez, who lived in Matamoros during his childhood, superimposes recognizable cartoon figures over evocative backgrounds. The works are often both amusing and disturbing. The artist was raised on the US-Mexico border, where he developed his own artistic identity, rich in historical and traditional content. The impact of his painting, full of humor, satire and interrogation, invite the viewer to reflect on the current social condition and the many symbols that confront us, ranging from Donald Duck to the consequences of Chernobyl.

Bordados Fronterizos will remain on exhibit through November 24, 2002.
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