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“I’m Growing Up” – An Interactive Exhibit
The science of child development is the focus of an uniquely entertaining now showing at the Museum. Entitled “I’m Growing Up! The Adventure of Growing Up from Baby to Teen,” the goal of the exhibit is to introduce the science of child development. This traveling exhibit comes from the Austin Children’s Museum and was funded in large part by the National Science Foundation. The four main themes of the exhibit, stated in “kid-friendly” language, are: “My body changes as I grow up,” “My mind changes as I grow up,” “My emotions change as I grow up” and “My relationships change as I grow up.” All of the components are labeled in Spanish and English. As the theme titles suggest, the exhibition teaches us about the various aspects of the development of the child. These include physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Visitors get involved at every station. All stations include large format, high-quality graphics and engage and instruct students of all ages.

“I’m Growing Up! The Adventure of Growing Up from Baby to Teen” will be at the Museum from September 22, 2001 through January 13, 2002.

International Holography: Art Meets Science
Holography is extremely popular in Europe and the Far East. Students in the Rio Grande Valley will be able to see why this unusual art form has been greeted with such enthusiasm. This exhibition employs twenty holograms which are three-dimensional images of amazing quality. Artists from Germany, England, Denmark, Spain, Canada, Japan and France are represented. The diversity of techniques and cultural approaches make this exhibition enjoyable for audiences. It has opened to rave reviews in museums across the country. Although designed for mature teens through adults, the exhibit is suitable for viewing by all age groups and is exciting for the whole family. These incredible light-based illusions are visually and intellectually stimulating. You will marvel at the techniques and delight in the creativity of these unusual artists. “International Holography” runs through December 2, 2001.

Christmas Tree Forest
This is our annual seasonal exhibit in which Rio Grande Valley schools and organizations participate in decorating the Museum's Christmas Tree Forest. The theme “Flora and Fauna of Texas” will help your students appreciate the wonderful diversity of plant and animal life in our State. It opens Thursday November 29.

This is a wonderful experience for students and can satisfy TEKS requirements through the teaching of history, cultural traditions and art.

Want to enter your students to enter a tree this year? Better hurry! The deadline for reservation is fast approaching. Setup will be November 27 and 28. And don’t forget the cash prizes: $150 for first in each category, $100 for second and $75 for third. For information, call Gloria Silva at 682-1564, ext. 103.

Through the Looking Lens
Give your students the opportunity to explore the science of light, the technology of the camera, and the role of photography in art and science. Through engaging hands-on activities, students will have opportunities to explore photography from process to product. They can stand frozen on a photosensitive wall and watch their images crystallize in light or jump inside the giant camera obscura and see their image upside down and backward. In addition to the choreography of light and technology, this new exhibit encourages an appreciation for the art of photography. Children can visit the film store, select their tools, and return to the darkroom to develop a photograph. A computer program also allows visitors to compose their own photographs as they blend light, temperature and time with the skill of a professional. “Through the Looking Lens” will be at the Museum January 19 through July 21, 2002.

New Exhibits Coming Spring 2002!
Silent Voices Speak: Remembering the Holocaust. Barbara Shilo has attempted to create a pictorial history of the “Final Solution.” She has taken from the archives of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, black and white documentary photographs taken in Germany between 1933 and 1945 as her inspiration. The exhibit represents the artist’s struggle to examine the horrors of the past so we may learn from them and not repeat them. March 3 through May 26, 2002.

Art on the Move: The Automobile. This invitational exhibition gives selected artists from Texas and northeast Mexico an opportunity to exercise and expand their creativity. They will be approaching the subject matter from their unique points of view. Your students will love what these artists do with this theme! June 1 through October 6, 2002.

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