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"I'm Growing Up: The Adventure of Growing Up from Baby to Teen" to Open September 22

The science of child development is the focus of an uniquely entertaining exhibit coming to the Museum this September. Entitled "I'm Growing Up! The Adventure of Growing Up from Baby to Teen," the goal of the exhibit is to introduce audiences to the science of child development. It comes to us from the Austin Children's Museum and was funded in large part by the National Science Foundation.

The four main themes of the exhibit, stated in "kid-friendly" language, are: "My body changes as I grow up," "My mind changes as I grow up," "My emotions change as I grow up" and "My relationships change as I grow up." All of the components are labeled in Spanish and English. As the theme titles suggest, the exhibition teaches us about the various aspects of the development of the child, including physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. It is an interactive exhibit, so visitors get involved at every station.

A good example of this interaction is "It's My Birthday!" Here children and adults can watch a laserdisc that plays a sixty-second clip about a baby's birth. Children can role-play with new-born baby dolls and read various books on topics such as new babies, being a sibling, and getting bigger, all while relaxing in a child-sized rocking chair.

A model of an expectant mother with an acrylic uterus allows visitors to see the baby inside. A button allows visitors to light up the womb for a better view. You can also pick up a phone receiver and press one of two buttons to hear the difference between a fetal heartbeat and a mother's heartbeat recorded on a digital audio clip. There is even a twenty-second laserdisc that plays a portion of a sonogram of a fetus with the hiccups.

All stations include large format, high-quality graphics and engage and instruct everyone in the family. "I'm Growing Up! The Adventure of Growing Up from Baby to Teen" will be at the Museum from September 22, 2001 through January 13, 2002.
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