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“Sharon Kopriva: Blind Faith” 


A remarkable new show opens at the McAllen International Museum on Saturday, August 28. Entitled “Blind Faith,” it is an exhibition of the sculpture of Sharon Kopriva whose unusual work never fails to surprise and enthrall viewers and critics alike. Although the figures in this exhibition appear mummy-like, they are made of papier mache, cloth, and animal bones. Most of the pieces in the show depict Christian clerics or symbolism, but they carry layers of meaning beyond these obvious associations. The ‘mummified’ figures of papier mache and animal bone are worn and lacerated, appearing long dead, yet they evoke a sense of continuing action. The figures continue to read, to act, to confess their sins, to betray emotions on their faces and in their limbs. The emotional torment of human existence seems to be carried through eternity in every work. These figures are dead but alive, and they beckon us to join with them in an exploration of the meaning of our world, of the meaning of human relationships, and of the meaning of religious and spiritual experiences.

“Sharon Kopriva: Blind Faith” consists of 13 sculptures and some small paintings. It will be in the Main Gallery of the McAllen International Museum through November 28. Make sure you don't miss this one.



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